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HitchHikersGuideGalaxy (defunct page)

Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy (defunct page)

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COSMIC Ionosphere Profiles

Ionosphere Profiles and Cases from COSMIC

Here's a little guitar music from Dr.K.

Click for music from KVOD in Denver

(Opera is good. If you understand music you understand opera. The language

of the words that are being spoken is not necessarily the point.)

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Here is my resume.
Here are my excuses for not having completed "Adventures of the Periheleon"

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Stories from the Legends genre featuring tales from the histories of music, physics, the American frontier and mountaineering!

YES! You will soon be able to click here and read these famous tales online. Not limited to the writings of the famous Dr.K. (Himself!).

Well, fact is I never got around to it. But you can click
HERE to see my resume, which will some day be legendary. :)