Song List For Karl Hudnut

Last Updated: 16 May 2013

COMPLETE SONGS (Some more complete than others!)

A Minor Waltz for Staci
Black Eyed Joe
Bordy and The Dobro
Broad Shouldered Woman
Buckskin Skier, The
Burl Ives, Burl Esq. (uire)
Captain Jack's Strong Hold
Cosmic Samba
Dear Cupid: Regarding that Gal with the Pretty Red Hair
Don't Take That Tone
Don't Let Me Go Through the Rest of My Whole Life Without You
Hearts in my Foam
I Am Wind in His Hair!
Jenny's (Cryin' In My Coffee)
Leslie's in the Mosh Pit
Letter to Janet
Melancholy Over a Dying Constellation
Miss Tahoe's Walking
Near Real Time Data Assimilation/The Ladies at RTO Q's.
Nickel on the Bar Room Floor
No Pretension
Ohio Republican in a Breckenridge Bar
Remembering John Hartford
Sarah and the Windigo
She Had a Funny Smile
Shoulders My Skis, She Does
Smilin' at the Lazy Dog
Song of the C-Note
Soraya! (Girl with Such Charisma)
Standing By The Creek (The Song for Kermit's Road House )
Tango and Waltz For Roberta
Tango Ladies
Tango to Stephanie
Tango for Cook
Tarryall River Ranch Headwater Blues
This Pen is So Complicated (You Need a Ph.D.)
Tough Guy Tango (He Didn't Care 'Cause He's Quick with His Fist)
Touch Me Valkyrie
Trouble in Here/Left Alone
Valkyrie of the Rockies
Waldo and a Warm Beer
When I met Lu
When Linka Came Over
When Emly Heard Jerry
You Know, Snow?

TITLES and INCOMPLETE SONGS (Some less incomplete than others!)

Adventures of The Perihelion:
     Part I - The Ascent
     Part II - Death or Serious Injury May Occur
     Part III - Finding My Way Home
     Part IV - Tales By the Fire
     Part V - Vowing to Do it Again Next Year
An Appealing Sense of Humor
C470 Suite:
     C470 Promenade (Morning Rush)
     C470 Swing (The E-Swing)
     C470 Tango (The Noon Rush)
     C470 Waltz (The Evening's Return Home)
Cha - Cha in F Minor
Fantastico in A-Minor with Fandango
He Gave Me the First Guitar No-one Ever Smashed
Heather With Her Hair Down
Nightmare (Toss and Turn Tango)
Not When You're Dating Amy
Nova Lua Padaria
Pahuska Behind the Bar
Princess Suite:
Romance and Dirge in D-minor
Shanon The Slatern
She Ain't no Rambler, But She Sure Gets Around!
She's the First One I Loved More Than Mountains and Snow
She Has Beautiful Rubies in Her Hair
She Said I was Golden
Silver Gypsy
Speed Limit Goer Induced Anxiety Attacks
Ten - For a Nickel
Three Fifths of a Minor Romance
Valkyrie and the Crazy Irishman
When Jennifer Drove Me to Drinkin'

(Usually altered to suit a solo guitar or banjo + voice and, maybe harmonica.)

Gallows Pole - Led Zeplin
Early Morning Rain - Gordon Lightfoot
Can you Feel the Love - Elton John and Tim Rice
Talking Old Soldiers - Elton John and Bernie Taupin
Cheers - Theme from the TV show. Author?
What a Wonderful World - Sung by Louis Armstrong. Author?
The Witch of the West Moreland - Ala Stan Rogers, but someone else wrote
                              this one and Stan says something to the effect his verson is an
                              abreviaton of an earlier abreviated version. As I recall.
                              (Sorry so vague. I don't have the album notes anymore. Sorry.)
Harris and The Mare - Stan Rogers
The Captain of the Nightengale - Stan Rogers
Barrett's Privateers - Stan Rogers
The Mary Ellen Carter - Stan Rogers
    (Yeah, I like Stan Rogers alot.)
Cat's in the Cradle - Harry Chapin
Summer Samba (So Nice) - George Valle
Cold Wind to Valhalla - Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull)

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