Karl Hudnut

1055 Adams Cir
# 625
Boulder, CO 80303
303 668 8667

Work Experience

ADK Consulting, LLC, Rollinsville, Colorado
Consultant/Owner, Jan 2001 – Present
*	Analyze network data to determine network usage, disk space availability or server function
*	Configure and define parameters for installation or testing of local area network (LAN), 
	wide area network (WAN), hubs, routers, switches, controllers, or related networking equipment
*	Configure security settings or access permissions for groups or individuals
*	Develop computer information resources for data security and control, strategic computing, and 
	disaster recovery
*	Modify existing databases and database management systems
*	Document network support activities

Additional Skills

*	Years of experience in wide range of technical skills
*	Extensive hands on knowledge of all  modern O/S and network protocols
*	Years of experience with remote sensing equipment data acquisition and analysis
*	We don’t need a rocket scientist to figure it out, but we have one!


University of Denver, Denver, Colorado
PhD Physics, May 1987
Relativistic Electron Precipitations in a Pulsating Aurora
PDF Version for Download
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